Art Fact Friday – Charly Palmer

As a youth, straightforward patterns with striking color schemes, appealed to Charly Palmer. This admiration is evident in his piece titled Prayer. From a distance it appears to be opaque stained glass but the mosaic effect were created with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint sometimes gives off a gloss, which accounts for the ‘glass’ effect.

We have several pieces by Charly Palmer available, for inquiries email info@zucotgallery. The gallery is open on Saturdays from 1-4pm and by appointment on weekdays.

Another Fun Fact, Prayer will be part of the background for some shots of David Banner Hosting the ABFF Independent festival on Aspire! We had a wonderful time hosting the film crew at the gallery to capture the footage they needed this week.

Art Fact Friday – Jimi Flix

Today’s #ArtFactFriday is a tribute to  photographer Jimi Flix, who passed away recently. A friend and artist of ZuCot Gallery. His memory will live on through countless memories of friends and family. Flix’s incredible body of work that he created while on this earth will be a lasting piece of himself that he leaves with us all. 

Art Fact Friday – Color

#ArtFactFriday: Let’s talk color today! Did you know that black and white are both colors and not colors? If you talk about color created by light then black is the absence of color, while white is the presence of all colors. Pigmented color is the opposite, black is the presence of all colors and white is the absence.

Julio Mejia is an abstract artist as well as a colorist who creates bright beautiful pieces that try to capture all spectrums, shades, and values color has to offer. Magician, mixed media on wood 2013 is by Mejia and available for purchase at the gallery now!

Art Fact Friday – Afrolantica

Hooray it’s May! Soon it will be Mother’s Day – Do you have a gift yet? How about giving her this fine art piece that is today’s #ArtFactFriday:

Aaron F. Henderson created a series called Afrolantica in which he depicts foliage that is bright, abstracted, and alluring. The plants are from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis which held many bounties but has a heavy atmosphere that only those with African-American descent could survive providing a sense of well being and euphoria to the African Americans who have visited. Henderson believes it stands as a place of paradise for African Americans with wonders never before seen.

Aaron F. Henderson’s “For A Very Special Someone From A Very Special Place”