Art Fact Friday – Art & Business

Art Fact Friday: “Innovation is the key to the nation’s economic prosperity and global competitiveness. Arts participation – in school or in the workplace – strengthens our ‘creative muscles’ which builds our creativity – the fuel that drives innovation” – Americans for the Arts.

Did you know that ZuCot gallery rents the space out to businesses? You can hold your meetings, lunch/dinners, or holiday parties/celebrations at the gallery in a creative and inspiring atmosphere! For more information please email Gallery Manager, Mariah:


Art Fact Friday – Smiling Through Tears

Art Fact Friday: Julio Mejia knew that his painting “Smiling Through Tears” was complete when his mother walked into his studio and started to tear up; he created this artwork with what his family in mind and what they had to endure when they knew what he was facing at the US embassy in Peru during the terrorist attacks.

“There’s nothing as beautiful as a smile that has seen tears, or has been through tragedy”-anonymous. Inside there might be something dark but we still smile and work past it.

Julio Mejia, Smiling Through Tears, Mixed Media on wood board – On view at the gallery now. Remember to come in for the ‘Art Tasting’ Saturday at 1pm!

Art Fact Friday – Artist Talk

Art Fact Friday: On final original prints you find that when viewed from the back the arches paper shows ridges from the pressing process it went through giving it an embossed look.

Tomorrow is ZuCot’s ‘Spectrum’ Artist Talk at 1pm – Steve Prince will be flying in from Maryland to explain how he executes his print process.

Julio Mejia will also be apart of the Artist Talk to explain his processes to creating bright and bold abstracts with many little details. If you would like to attend please use this link to RSVP:


Steve Prince, Song of Solomon, original print.

Art Fact Friday – Steve Prince, Ruth: Your People Are My People

Art Fact Friday: Steve Prince was inspired to create his original prints from the complications of couples  love in a contested world and how they can carve out a space for themselves. Prince used examples from the Old Testament and placed them within a contemporary framework.

“Ruth: Your People Are My People’ shows a couple uniting with the expressed purpose of expanding their tent.”-Steve Prince

Come see this original print at the gallery tonight during the Art Stroll, and come meet Steve Prince at the Artist Talk next Saturday July, 18th!

Art Fact Friday – Jacob Lawrence

We hope that you have a wonderful time this holiday weekend spending time with your family!

Art Fact Friday: Jacob Lawrence’s ‘The Builders’ hangs in the White House, you can see this beautiful and historical painting if you take a tour. Lawrence painted this work in 1947 and he used an egg tempera on board, 20 x 24 inches. Considered to be in the category of ‘genre painting’ because the painting depicts aspects of everyday life.

Let’s hope the ‘The Builders’ will help the populace that views it in the White House remember to build up a better country, especially now as we deal with resurfacing racial tensions. The essence of the 4th is freedom from tyranny and should be for all men.