Ganga Zumbi Legend

This series is based on the legend of Ganga Zumbi, which occurred during the Transatlantic slave trade. Ganga Zumbi was the general of Queen Nzinga’s army in Angola. Queen Nzinga fought for many years to prevent the Portuguese from overtaking her nation. As the Portuguese fought they began to make headway and started capturing some of the Angolan people. Legend states that the Queen told Ganga Zumbi to allow himself to be captured and enslaved, so that he could free his fellow countrymen. He followed orders and slowly began to free the captured. They slowly built their own army in the jungles of Brazil. They built communities in the rain forest and painted their faces to ward off their enemies. The faces in this series are tribute to Ganga Zumbi and his army. It is said that Ganga Zumbi was never captured and to this day is freeing oppressed people around the world. 


0755-yellow-moon-warrior-22x30-gp Amazon Warrior At War


15 Things You Did Not Know About ZuCot Gallery

Did you know any of these facts? 

1.All three Partners have degrees in engineering, but fine art was their calling.

2.  Aaron F. Henderson is an artist at ZuCot Gallery and Onaje and Omari’s dad.

3. Aaron F. Henderson also has a degree in engineering.  

4. Gallery Manager, Mariah Heilpern, has a degree in art history. 


 5. Charlotte Riley-Webb, is also an award wining children’s book illustrator. 

6. Charly Palmer designed one of the posters for the 1996 Olympics here in Atlanta.

7. Jerry Lynn has a twin, named Terry Lynn – they have created art together and separately. 

8. Julio Mejia likes to call himself an alchemist of color – if he feels the color is not right he will use chemicals to erode, or change the color, which brings out many more shades. 


9. It takes 120 individual lights to light up the gallery and illuminate the fine art we hang. 

10. We have helped to open the minds of over 3,000 children who come through ZuCot Gallery to learn more about art, culture, and creativity (and continue to do so). 

11. We have helped 10 college students gain experience and college credits through our internship program. 

12. We have worked with more than 10 large companies to help diversify their art plus help talk about diversity and art in their company meetings – both held at the gallery or their own offices. 

13. We have had one proposal and three Weddings held at ZuCot Gallery.

14. There have been numerous events held at the gallery – from baby showers to record label music listenings.

15. We are the Largest African-American Gallery in the South East!

ZuCot Gallery Image