Art Fact Friday: Fight For Acknowledgement Of Humanity

Art Fact Friday is a Friday Flash Back to our Transcendence Exhibition when ZuCot showed Aaron F. Henderson’s Spiritual Series. The painting “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child; Auction Block” is part of an inner miniseries of three paintings. The last painting apart of the miniseries is titled, “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child; Defiance”.

Recently an article from Hyperallergic was published that reminded me of this miniseries, or more specifically the last painting ‘Defiance’ – “…The artist Nona Faustine kicked up some ruckus with her White Shoes photography series, which consists of images of the artist posing nude at former sites of slave trading in New York City. One principal site Faustine uses in the series is the location of the city’s first slave market. In the heart of the city’s Financial District, specifically on Wall Street between Water and Pearl Streets, a slave market, which was defined by a wooden structure with open sides and roughly a capacity of 50 people, bought and sold humans. It functioned until 1762.”  

Both Artists have very strong and powerful views about the tragic time in United States history, and its significance still today as racial struggle continues. These artists do not only portray a sad story with their work, they tell a story of triumph over hardships and determination for the acknowledgement of their humanity. Full Article

*Both ‘Sometimes I feel Like A Motherless Child Auction Block’ and ‘Defiance’ by Henderson are available for purchase through ZuCot, please email for more information!

From-My-Body-I-Will-Make-Monument-In-Your-Honor.-Pre-Revolutionary-Dutch-Cemetery-BrooklynSOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A MOTHERLESS CHILD DEFIANCE 40x60


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