Art Fact Friday – Original Printmaker Steve Prince

Today’s Art Fact Friday will be in preparation for our new exhibition РSpectrum! Spectrum will feature Julio Mejia and new artist to ZuCot gallery Steve Prince. Plus upstairs we will have a special area showcasing fine art made for apartments, condominium, and loft living. Save РThe РDate for June 19th, 6-11pm.

Steve Prince is a talented artist with many skills but mainly works by producing original relief prints with woodcuts. Woodcuts are made by cutting into the broad face of a plank of wood, usually with a knife (the linocut is made the same way, except that linoleum is substituted for wood). The artist will cut away areas not meant to print. The cut away areas appear in the finished print as the white (negative space) of the design while the ink (colored areas) adheres to the raised wood block creating the original artwork. When using this medium due to the organic nature the artist is limited in the prints they can produce and each print will end up slightly different than the one pressed before it becoming its own original fine artwork!

Steve Prince, Psalm 1: Slow Dance, woodcut print.

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