Art Fact Friday – Tryptic

#ArtFactFriday: Alfred Conteh’s “Blood” Sculpture is identified as a tryptic. Tryptic simply means that there are three pieces that create the whole art piece. Here are a few more art terms you might see when referencing a whole art piece: Diptych means two parts and Polyptychs means many parts.

There are also many layers and symbols in the tryptic “Blood” by Conteh, for example: The hand is gesturing the letter B which is emblematic of today’s piru/blood gangs which originated in California in the 1970’s and now have factions in every state of the union today. Despite their popular reputations as organizations that perpetuate death and destruction, their reputation for organizing and mobilizing black youth to take and make economic gains,  regardless of the risk, is ironically yet tragically admirable. The eye at in the hand has the continent of Africa placed squarely at the center, which is my attempt at imagining the magnitude of power that black youth would possess if black empowerment was the focus instead of the notion of suicidal gang culture.

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