Aaron F. Henderson, HOW LONG

Aaron F. Henderson

Aaron F. Henderson, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, has been an artist all his life. The self-proclaimed narrative artist has always loved to draw and paint. For him, it is the story behind each piece of artwork he has done that motivates him to capture the realism, the emotion, the character, and settings.

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Charlotte Riley-Webb, Sun Day

Charlotte Riley-Webb

An Atlanta native, raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Charlotte earned her BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art. Beginning her MFA at Georgia State, she has continued her education and artistic growth, exploring new mediums through numerous art workshops and art colonies.

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Charly Palmer, BB King

Charly Palmer

Charly Palmer, a mixed media artist, was born in 1960 in Fayette, Alabama and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a successful graphic designer and illustrator with his own design studio and Fortune 500 clientele, Palmer devotes much of his life to pursuing his fine art dreams. He believes that art choose him because, “It is the one thing I am good at” and is well on his way to establishing himself as a fine artist of note.

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Julio Mejia, Corrida

Julio Mejia

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana 1965 to Peruvian/Chilean parents, Julio Mejia is an abstract painter that uses archival oil, solvent and ink. Mejia focuses in the application of different chemicals that bring the essence of paint to the canvas in an organic manner beyond the canvas. This adds to his color choices that he uses like a note to produce a harmonious creation relating his life experiences.

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Kimmy Cantrell, A little Blue

Kimmy Cantrell

Largely self-taught, Kimmy Cantrell discovered his artistic vision in high school. His art teacher, Curtis Patterson, previously taught at the former Atlanta College of Art, admired his command of clay. Cantrell’s very first piece, a clay vase, landed on display at the Atlanta Board of Education Building.

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Larry Allen PotteryLarry Allen

From the first moment Larry Allen saw vessels formed on the potter’s wheel, he was fascinated. To this day Allen still has not forgotten the fascination he first felt. Allen has exhibited and sold my work throughout the United States. All the pottery work from start to finish is done solely by himself.

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E. Richard Clark, Banjo Song

E. Richard Clark

Richard Clark was born in Atlanta Georgia in 1943. Clark is a self taught artist that uses watercolors as his preferred medium. He is primarily a figurative artist and has a passion for historical figures, dilapidated houses and forsaken shanties play a prominent role in his work. His paintings captures the scars of experience and does not spare such signs in the faces and predicaments of his characters.


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Steve Prince

It is Steve’s faith that calls him to be an artist. His work is an unending exploration of that faith and it’s relationship to his life, his culture and his community. To Steve, “We are all living epistles, whether we want to be or not.”

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Boma Ye!Jamaal Barber

Jamaal Barber was born in VA and raised in Littleton, NC. At a young age he was fascinated by the illustrations in children’s books and the colorful images in comic books. He started drawing on the back of his tests in elementary school and was soon drawing on any material that he could find. He finally decided to become an artist after reading about the life of Romare Bearden in high school.

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Jerry Lynn

Through choice of colors, urban marks that might be symbolic of hip hop or graffiti, and collaged items – be it cotton bolls, twill ticking, newspaper clipping or glitter – Jerry Lynn takes historic imagery and jolts it into the current century.

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LobynBillie Holiday Lady In Satin Hamilton

Lobyn Hamilton is best known for his work with vinyl records. He is self-taught and his work is uniquely his own calling card. His work has been collected by Johnson and Johnson, the University of Illinois Cancer Research, the Indiana State Museum, Tom Joyner, DL Hughley, Nas, Kanye West, and other notable clientele. His work has also become part of the permanent set of the break out primetime television series Empire.

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Sean Haynes_Urban Flow-Ambiguity #2_20x16x1.5_Acrylic on 300lb gessoed paperSean Haynes

Whether 2D or 3D, his artworks are immersed in vibrant color and organic shape as representatives of the human spirit accented through positive and negative spaces. Haynes believes that an artist is a lifelong learner and teaching is reciprocity: a spiritual “Sankofa” as he remembers not to forget to remember.  His love for art lives in and through his artwork.

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Rhodes_Image 5.jpgWilliam Rhodes

Rhodes strives to blend fine craft, sculpture and design with meaning and function. His art has been strongly influenced by his travels, particularly to Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. This allows the work to explore themes of hidden knowledge, iconographic imagery and form, and variation in meaning depending on the cultural context.

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