ZuCot Summer media copy

Dear Summer…

Blithe summer – you make every thing memorable by the measure of its warmth against yours.Happy memories blend and are infused into your sunny essence, contributing to our permanent association of you with life’s sweetest moments.  Occasions for sadness, by comparison, are cast in unusually harsh light.  This exhibition explores our nostalgia for summer, emotions wrought over the course of this year’s events, and the anticipation for what will endure in the seasons to follow. William Rhodes tackles what is lost and the hope that is held onto in time’s passing.  Julio Mejia taps into the vague emotions that are imbued in nostalgia.  Kimmy Cantrell connects more literally with ceramic pieces cured in the intense heat of the season.  Charly Palmer observes the shadowy elements of summer, and artist Jamaal Barber works through current events and the love that will ultimately persist.ZuCot Gallery is proud to continue our relationship with familiar favorites Palmer, Mejia, and Cantrell, and welcomes Jamaal Barber and William Rhodes to the family with this exhibition.