What does ZuCot mean?

  • ZuCot gallery is named after Taylor’s great grandmother who was the first black businesswoman allowed in the market on the island of St. Kitt in the Virgin Islands.


What is the difference between ‘Art Tastings’ and ‘Artist Talks’?

  • Art Tastings are about learning the ins and outs about art collecting; the Artist Talks are a chance for the artist to talk about themselves and their artworks.


Can I buy the art?

  • Yes, we are a gallery and that means all our art is available for purchase.


Do I have to pay all at once?

  • No, we offer a payment plan that is interest free.


When are you open?

  • We are open Saturday’s 1pm – 4pm or by appointment.


Can the frame be changed?

  • Yes, once you have fully paid for your fine art piece we can take it to our framer and have them change the frame to one that  works for you.


What do the red dots mean?

  • They mean that the artwork has already been sold!


How Long has the gallery been open?

  • Troy opened the gallery in 2008 and then teamed up with The Art Brothers, Onaje and Omari in 2011.


How long does the exhibit stay up?

  • We normally keep each exhibit up for two months then change them out with a new one. We will sometimes extend popular exhibits.