IMG_0087After earning BS and MS degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State and the University of Pennsylvania, Troy began his professional career as an engineer working with NASA on the Manned Space Station program. His interest in art however, began during his sophomore year when he landed a summer job with Bruce McGaw graphics as a “Fine Art Poster Repair Clerk”. As his career in corporate America grew so did his passion for collecting Art. His current work in the Healtcare Industry takes him to Europe, Asia, South Africa, Japan, Latin America, India and the Middle East on a regular basis. Most of the gallery’s collection, with the addition of multicultural American art and pieces by local Atlanta artists, stems from the relationships that he has developed with artists and galleries throughout the world.

The striking, high-tech design and amenities of the gallery combine Troy’s dual interests in art and engineering. He believes that art and science are similar in that, “Like science, art is not random. There is an order to each discipline, rules of composition and technique that create a beautiful, balanced product.”